Carpool & Vanpool

To help reduce traffic congestion, share a car when possible with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.


Park & Ride Lots

Park and ride lots are intended for commuters who carpool, vanpool, or utilize public transportation. These are designated parking spaces where you can park your car during your work hours while sharing a ride with others to your work location.

There are three park and ride lots located in Leland, which offer free all-day parking. Colleagues, friends, and neighbors are also encouraged to identify safe, convenient locations to determine their own park and ride lots.

Food Lion on Mt. Misery Road
Lowes Food at Brunswick Forest
Leland Town Hall

Park & Ride Lots


Vanpooling is an organized effort eligible for groups of 5-15 commuters. The employer or employees pay a monthly fare for the service, in which approved drivers operate 7- to 15-passenger vans for the group; drivers may take turns to share driving responsibilities.

If you would like your employer to implement a vanpool for you and your co-workers please contact us to be added to an interest list.

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