About Go Coast and TDM

We can’t always build our way out of congestion. Go Coast provides alternative and sustainable transportation options to those who live, work, and play in the Cape Fear Region.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) emphasizes the movement of people rather than motor vehicles. The main goal of TDM is to mitigate the growth of traffic congestion by encouraging the use of alternative transportation such as bicycling, walking, carpooling, and transit; so that while the population grows, your commute time stays the same.

Go Coast Committee

The Go Coast Committee is comprised of local businesses, organizations, and community stakeholders. These committee members encourage their affiliates to use alternative transportation, offer opportunities to enhance the commuting experience, and support the Go Coast program in its initiatives. Find committee meeting agendas and minutes on the WMPO’s meeting page.

City of Wilmington
Wave Transit

Commuter Friendly Employers

Go Coast wishes to recognize employers in the area that offer and support alternative transportation services to its employees. Organizations and businesses in the Cape Fear Region can apply to receive a commuter-friendly designation. We offer a commuter solutions toolkit for employers interested in supporting alternative transportation options. See our Commuter Friendly Employer page for the toolkit, and info about the official commuter-friendly designation.

Gold Level

City of Wilmington
Live Oak Bank

Silver Level

The TDM Plan for the WMPO Region

Cape Fear Region/WMPO Map