Trip Planner

Getting Started

  1. Decide your departure and destination locations.
  2. View the map of bus stops to see how far you will need to walk or bike to or from a stop.
  3. Check the complete map of routes to learn if any bus transfers are required to reach your final destination.
  4. Have exact change in cash. Adult one-way passes are $2.00 which includes transfers.
  5. Download the Wave Transit smartphone app.
  6. Wave Transit offers a free travel training for anyone who wants to learn how or feel more confident using the local public transportation.

Accessible Van Service

  • Wave Transit offers accessible van service for people with disabilities who cannot travel by fixed bus route. This service is provided through our Dial-A-Ride Transportation Program (DART)
  • DART utilizes vans equipped with a wheelchair left and restraints for wheelchairs. Each van can accommodate wheels hairs and semi-ambulatory passengers. DART provides curb-to-curb, origin to destination services within ¾ of a mile of any fixes bus route.
  • Find out more about DART eligibility how to schedule an appointment, and cost.
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How to Ride the Wave